Rick Warren Solo

Rick's solo projects include weaving tapestries of technicolor dreamscapes and experimenting with sounds using guitars, synthesizers and field recordings, processed with electronic effects ranging from guitar effect pedals to iOS apps. 


Clouds is a six piece (three guitars, bass, keyboards and drums) band playing covers of classic rock tunes and featuring vocals of five unique individuals. Material covers a broad spectrum from the British Invasion to down-home Americana. You will hear songs by the Beatles, Kinks, Cream, the Band, Grateful Dead and even the Scissor Sisters on any given night.

Rick and Marilyn

Rick and Marilyn make music that is Guitar-Centered Americana, Blues, Rock, Country and Folk. Performing a mix of cover tunes and originals, Marilyn sings the songs and Rick tells the rest of the story on his guitar.

Magic Stones

Rick Warren with the Magic Stones

Jessy Jesus

Jessy Jesus is a friend's multi-media project about the end days wars.


Kuumba Dance and Drum

In an ongoing partnership with the Hudson Opera House, Operation Unite’s Kuumba Dance and Drum program offers a variety of music and dance classes, as well as performance opportunities for all ages. Kuumba, taken from the seven principles of African Heritage, symbolizes creativity, to do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.