Accomplished Guitarist

Sound Experimenter




Guitarist Rick Warren is based in Hudson, NY. Originally from Kingston, NY, Rick’s earliest musical role was playing trumpet in his school band. When Rick discovered rock and roll, he knew that the guitar was to be his ‘axe’. He was influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend of The Who, and later by Larry Coryell and the Mahavishnu Orchestra’s John McLaughlin.

Throughout the years, Rick has been involved in the Hudson Valley music scene in many musical settings from power trios to jam bands and folk groups to singer-songwriter collaborations.

Rick has been very involved in improvisational and experimental music scene led by Karl Berger of the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock. Berger’s visit to a high school music theory class that Rick was attending inspired him to become a regular participant in twice yearly workshops held at CMS. Rick is known for his soundscape compositions using his guitar and a variety of electronic sound sources, each one a new and different creation.

   Rick is also involved with the Woodstock-based Hudson Valley Soundpainting Ensemble, which has grown out of a series of workshops let by bassist Steve Rust.

   Current projects include the Electro-Acoustic duo 'Rick and Marilyn' performing cover tunes and original songs by Marilyn Miller, with Hudson-based Slink Moss and the 'Magic Stones', Albany area 'Doc Horton and the Jay Street Band' and the improvisational duo 'The Warren-Ver Straeten Half Quartet'. He can found most Tuesday evenings on the stage of Club Helsinki in Hudson, performing his own compositions or musically assisting many local performers.

He has a reputation as a rock-solid supporter who can be creatively joyful when the situation calls for it.

Always infatuated with sounds, he often finds himself making music with things not conventionally thought of as musical instruments: rubber bands, Slinkys, rulers, door knockers; it has been said ‘he can make anything sound good’.